The design of the next OnePlus Nord no longer has any secrets


Without a doubt, OnePlus has aspirations to continue to debut in the market with powerful and low-priced mobiles. Precisely, the next flagship of the brand will arrive with interesting technical qualities, called OnePlus Nord. Indeed, new leaks reveal a dual configuration in terms of its front camera. So, this concept will allow your users to get excellent results in group selfies.

Remember that, the company has been responsible for renewing its designs with very balanced features. On this occasion, we come across a version that stands out not only for its quality but for its irresistible price. Therefore, we have compiled all the details of the promising and attractive OnePlus Nord:

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As we mentioned, this device would have a 6.55-inch AMOLED panel FullHD+ resolution. Similarly, on the front it will house a system of dual camera ideal to facilitate a better user experience. In addition to, incorporating a higher resolution quality to take advantage of the OnePlus Nord’s front-camera. But that’s not all, everything suggests that its manufacturers established a minimalist finish in terms of their hole so as not to waste the space on their screen.

This new filtration from the OnePlus Nord ensures that this terminal will maintain the chinese firm’s style. So, its combination of lenses with dual aperture support won’t affect your versatility. Being an aspect that would set it apart from other models on the market like the Huawei P40 Pro. However, according to the information presented by Android Central OnePlus plans to incorporate this photo system into upcoming devices.

What’s new in this interesting terminal

For its part, it is estimated that under the chacis of the new OnePlus Nord it is equipped with great power accompanied by a processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 765. It also has an 8GB version corresponding to its RAM. Whereas, on the back it would integrate a quad camera system. Which would be starring a 48-megapixel main lens. The battery of this device would be 4,300mAh and its usual 30W fast charge.

For now, the company is expected to reveal the official details of this mobile in the coming days. In relation to your filing date everything points out that it would be the 10 July. Any data arising in this regard will inform you; so keep an eye on our web portal.

Source: gsmarena

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